Loyalty Membership FAQ’s

Loyalty Membership FAQ’s

Loyalty Membership FAQ’s

What is the Loyalty Program?
Wor(l)d has a customer loyalty program that allows customers to accumulate points. These points allow access to extraordinary benefits.

How can I access the Loyalty Program?
To participate in Wor(l)d’s loyalty program, you must own at least one Helo or other Wor(l)d product. The purchase or renewal of the Loyalty Membership can be done by purchasing one Wor(l)d’s business packages or by purchasing the Loyalty Membership subscription directly.

In order to keep my Loyalty Program active do I need to renew my membership?
Yes, in order to take advantage of the Loyalty Program and continue to collect points, you must renew your Loyalty Membership subscription monthly.

What are the benefits of a Loyalty Membership subscription?
Purchasing a Loyalty Membership enables you to receive 5 vouchers monthly to activate the Helo Pro Plan, 75 loyalty points, and the activation of our Business Tools Space System, Space Cloud and Space Meet. The price is $59 USD.

Are there different types of membership?
No, there is only one type of membership.

What are Loyalty Points?
Loyalty Points are accumulated through the Loyalty Program. You will receive your Loyalty Points each month at the time of your subscription renewal at the achievement of the program’s levels. Each Loyalty Point is worth $1.

What are Total Points?
Total Points can be used to access the Mobile Forever Program, the Wear Forever Program, and the Protection Plan, or used to purchase Wor(l)d products.

What are Tier Points?
Tier Points are used to reach levels of the Loyalty Program and are the points collected each month without interruption.

What reduces Total Points?
Total Points can be used to participate in the programs associated to the Loyalty Program. If membership is not renewed, Total Points are divided in half after 3 months and set to zero after 6 months without renewal.

What reduces Tier Points?
If the Loyalty Membership is not renewed within 7 days from its expiry date, Tier Points are set to zero.

If a member reaches a certain level, do they lose that level if Tier points are reset to 0?
If a user has reached Advanced or Premium level, those levels are kept for three months if the Loyalty Membership is not renewed.

How many levels are there in the Loyalty Program?
There are 3 levels of the Loyalty Program:
• Basic (from 0 to 199 Loyalty Points). Basic is the starting level.
• Advanced (from 200 to 799 Loyalty Points). Advanced level allows you to activate the Protection Plan and earn 15 extra points.
• Premium (800+ Loyalty Points). Premium level allows you to activate VIP Privileges, such as receiving priority at certain events, product booking, and access to VIP areas. Premium level also allows you to earn extra points.

How are levels recognized?
Each level is recognized through personalized cards. The Basic level card is virtual. Advanced and Premium cards can be requested from your backoffice and will be sent to your address.

If I only need Space System do I need to renew it through the Membership?
No, if you only need Space System, you can purchase the Space System plan that fits your needs and renew it monthly through the Space Service Monthly Plan.

Can everyone including customers access the Loyalty Membership?
Yes, there are no limits

By purchasing the Membership am I eligible to earn income through the Business?
No, the Loyalty Membership is not alone sufficient to activate the business. Its value of 30CV makes it a tool towards activating your Business, but you need to abide by the rules established in your PayPlan.

To get the Money Box, is it sufficient to be active on the Membership for 12 months?
No, to get the Money Box you must be active in the Business for 12 consecutive months. The Membership is not a minimum requirement to get Business activation. To get Business activation, follow the rules contained in your PayPlan.

What is the HELO Pro Plan?
The Helo Pro Plan is an advanced version of Helo App, which stores your data permanently through Lifelog. The Pro Plan also lets you access extra Helo functions and will allow you access to upcoming Helo updates and new features.

Is the HELO Pro Plan already available for purchase?
Yes, it can be purchased directly from the store or activated by using the Voucher codes included in the Membership. Each activation lasts for one month and renews monthly as long as your membership is renewed.

What’s the difference between the free HELO App and the Pro Plan App?
With the free version of the Helo App, you have limitations regarding WeCare (you can follow only one person), Guardian-SOS (only one SOS contact) and Lifelog (you can only view the records for the last 30 days). With the Helo Pro Plan, you can follow up to 20 people on WeCare, as well as add up to 3 contacts in the SOS function. You will also have the Guardian function active, so you can alert your SOS and WeCare contacts in case of abnormal values in your scheduled measurements. You will also have unlimited records on LifeLog. Moreover, the Helo App Pro ensures you access to the next measurement plugins and DNA analysis.

How do I use the 5 Pro Plan vouchers included with the Loyalty Membership?
The Vouchers can be assigned to 5 Helo accounts directly in the Membership page or in the Helo Pro Plan section of your My Products page. It is also possible to purchase and use the Helo Pro Plan separately.

Can a friend of mine purchase the HELO Pro Plan?
If you subscribe and renew the Loyalty Membership monthly, you will receive 5 vouchers for the activation of Helo Pro Plan. If one of your friends has a Wor(l)d account, you can give him/her one of the vouchers by activating their Helo Pro Plan directly from your personal Membership area. If this person doesn’t have a Wor(l)d account, they can use a Member Code to register and purchase Helo Pro Plan. The second option produces SV (sales volume) in your business.

When I purchase a HELO do I get a free trial to the HELO Pro Plan App?
No, when someone purchases Helo, they can download Helo App Free, which contains only the basic services.

How does AutoRenew work when purchasing the Loyalty Membership or Pro Plan?
AutoRenew is a function that allows you to enjoy all the features of Helo without having to renew each month and run the risk of your membership expiring. By activating AutoRenew, at the expiry date of the Membership or of Helo Pro Plan, the system will automatically renew it charging the amount to your chosen payment method. You can activate or disable AutoRenew at any time.

If I AutoRenew the Loyalty Membership will the HELO Pro Plan vouchers renew as well?
Yes. Thanks to the management system found in the My Membership section of your backoffice, you can set the continuous and automatic association of renewal vouchers of Helo Pro Plan with your App or that of your loved ones. This, combined with the autorenew activated on your Membership, allows you to stay current without thinking about it. In fact, at the renewal of the Membership, the Helo Pro Plan vouchers will be automatically matched with their associated profiles and will be renewed automatically.

When do I qualify for the Forever Mobile and Forever Wearable program?
From Advanced level on, you just need to have the required amount of TOTAL POINTS to receive a Helo and Smartphone for free.

If I need to use the Protection Plan on one of my devices, are my points deducted?
You can use the Protection Plan up to 2 times a year for Helo at the cost of 30 points each. You can also use it up to 2 times a year for the smartphone at the cost of 120 points each. If you utilize this, it is mandatory to ship the defective product to Wor(l)d.

For more information, download the Membership & Service Terms of Use below:

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